Health Clinic Opens at Obong Ntak

Exciting and far reaching things for the Lord are happening at Obong Christian School in Nigeria. In December 1995 classes began at the "African College of Management." This was the first step toward meeting government requirements to up-grade Obong Christian High School to a full 4 -yr. degree granting private Christian University.

On April 2, 1996 approval was granted by the Department of Health and Social Welfare for Akwabia Hospital to open its doors. This clinic will not only provide health care for the more than 1,100 students at Obong Christian High School, the Nursery/Elementary School and African College of Management, but also the villages in at least three Local Government Areas. The clinic is a part of the proposed private Christian University.

 A preacher is at the hospital each morning sharing the Word of God with those that have come to see the doctor. This will provide opportunities for preaching the gospel to people that otherwise could not be reached.

Dr. Emem Akpanudo is the resident doctor at Akwabia. She is a skilled physician and surgeon who trained at Nigerian Christian Hospital under the direction of
Dr. Bob Whittaker.

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