The Mt. Morris Church of Christ began in 1952, as a result of Christians desiring to establish a congregation of the Lord's church in the city of Mt. Morris. Eleven people (including children) began meeting in the home of Eugene Graham, one of the members.  Later the congregation moved into a building on South St. in Mt. Morris.  Russell Kern, Les Herndon, Eugene Graham and John T. Smith served as our first elders.  Eugene Lamb and Curtis Watson served as deacons.  Following the death of Russell Kern and Les Herndon, Eugene and Curtis were appointed to serve as elders along with Eugene Graham and J. T. Smith.  

From its beginning, the Mt. Morris congregation has been dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ into other areas. Three area congregations have their roots in Mt. Morris. As the Mt. Morris congregation grew, members that lived in surrounding communities desired to see the Lord's church established there.  Mt. Morris gave financial support to two of these congregations for several years.  A bus program was begun to reach the families in Mt. Morris and the surrounding area.  In 1993-94 a program was carried out to knock on every door in Mt. Morris to make them aware of the church and invite them to services. Some financial support was given to the church in Marquette, MI for several years.  Four preachers that attended the Bristol Rd. School of Biblical Studies in Flint, MI lived in a house, that was on the church property, while they were attending classes. We were able to help them financially by providing them a place to live.  We are currently providing some support to the congregation in Cheboygan, MI.

In 1985, Mt. Morris assumed the responsibility of sponsoring congregation for the work of Moses Akpanudo, a native Nigerian, for mission work in Nigeria. This work has been successful beyond any expectations.  Christian schools and a hospital have been built and 44 new congregations established.  Many congregations and individuals throughout the United States help to support this work. 

Curtis Watson (now Deceased) and Eugene Lamb served the congregation as elders for over 40 years. Garfield Cooper was appointed to serve with them in May of 1996.  Tom Cheek and Paul Arnell were appointed as elders in December 2001.  Paul Arnell has since moved away.  Amos Rinks is now serving as one of the elders.  Ten deacons serve the congregation.  Brad McFaul, a minister of the gospel, began working with us in September 1997.  Jim Watson has been working with us since September 1995.  Brad currently preaches one Sunday a month at Mt. Morris and travels to small congregations that need his help the other three Sundays.  Jim Watson is our full time minister.  Our average Sunday attendance is about 170.

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